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EnviroSpec Charities

One Year Later: In May of 2016 the EnviroSpec sponsored Freedom Riders Project has saved over 1,000 dogs from certain death and placed them into loving homes.

Shelter Dog 2016Visit the Freedom Riders Website

In 2002 John & Shelley Allison, owners of EnviroSpec, built a no-kill animal sanctuary in Homerville, GA just to help the animals in their community who had lost their way. They named the organization Suzie’s Friends after a 3-legged stray that showed at their doorsteps in that same year. Since that time John & Shelley & Suzie, through the purchases of the loyal customers, have spayed, neutered and found loving homes for over 6,000 animals.

In May of 2015 John decided that rather than keep warehousing unwanted dogs just to keep them safe and healthy – why not try and find homes for them outside of the State of Georgia – a State where little value is placed on the well-being of orphaned animals that have little hope for survival. 

After purchasing 1 transport vehicle (pictured below) Suzie”s Friends under the name of the Freedom Rider’s Caravan of Angels, set out to find Humane organizations in areas of the country that have a shortage of adoptable dogs.  As of December 30, 2015 (just a few short months after the first caravan) the Allison’s had moved 479 dogs to safety and into loving homes. 

In August of 2016 EnviroSpec’s Freedom Riders Project will become part of M.O.M.S./Animal Aid and will be helping to move over 300 plus dogs per month out of the ditches and death row animal shelters in South Georgia.  So, if you ever wonder what John & Shelley are up to chances are that they are in the woods feeding a colony of cats, taking another dog to the vet or helping to load another caravan of angels such as the one you will see in the video below. As John will always tell you “All life has value!”




Letter from a Vet’s familyVet Kitty 1


FR_van_siloWatch this cool Video and experience the joy that comes with saving the life of an unwanted animal.



EnviroSpec manufactures and sell to professional pressure washing companies a complete line of soaps, detergents and waxes for the house washing, roof cleaning, deck restoration and the truck and car washing industries.

EnviroSpec is also one of the industry’s largest manufacturers and wholesale distributors of accessories and parts to repair pressure washers, sewer jetting and high pressure jetting equipment  We stock the complete line of pressure washer pumps  that include General Pump, InterPump, Comet Pump, Cat Pump, A-R Pump, Hypro Pump, ShurFlo Pump and Udor Pump.

EnviroSpec is one of the largest suppliers of accessories and repair parts for all the major pressure washer brands which include Karcher, Honda, Briggs & Stratton, DeVilbiss, Excel,  Hotsy, Landa, Simpson, Delco, Pressure Pro, Water Cannon, Largo, Aaladin, Whitco, Tuff, Barens, Alkota and Mi-T-M as well as all pressure washers imported by A-R Pump.

With a multi-million dollar inventory to pull from EnviroSpec is the first choice of professional mobile wash contractors and pressure washer companies simply because we have the right part at the right price and can ship it the same day that it is ordered.  Archives