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FlowPro Remote Bypass System

Save steps, save time, and save energy!


This is a must have if you do a lot of surface cleaning

Built for long days in the field.  The remote operating system has an extended range of over 2000 feet from gun to trailer. This process incorporates the popular DN10 ball valve, the most commonly used ball valve in our industry. Over time, that valve will wear out – this is what makes the FlowPro Bypass a better option. Replacing the DN10 is as simple as unscrewing four bolts and replacing the ball valve. The 12V electric actuator has been time tested over many years for reliability and functionality. Coupled together, this is one beast of a system that only a true craftsman of the trade can appreciate.

The FlowPro Remote Bypass Syetem bypasses your chemical injector which allows for the max water flow to your surface cleaner or wand which alows your surface cleaner to operate more efficiently and gives you maximum reach when shooting 3 stories or more. As an added benefit, the remote bypass allows you to control your chemical application without walking back and forth to your trailer.

The FlowPro Remote Bypass can be hooked up in less than 10 minutes and only requires you to connect to the pressure washer battery and replace your current bypass valve. If you don’t have a downstream chemical injector bypass, you can buy a complete set-up and still be washing in under 15 minutes.

Note: A downstream chemical injector bypass is required to operate the FlowPro for chemical application.










Time Saver Remote 2-Step System


Are you a fleet washer and tired of walking back and forth to change from acid to neutralizer?

Are you a house washer and tired of walking back and forth to change from soap to water?

Take a look at the 2-Step Time Saver Remote system. What makes the 2-Step Time Saver Remote system different from other systems on the market?

This system has been designed with STRONG chemical use in mind with a proprietary solenoid. This part is the reason the price point is higher than other products on the market. If you want it to last, then buy a product that is built to last. If you want cheap, we can give you some recommendations to another vendor or product.

The 2-Step Time Saver Remote system allows the user to program up to 16 remotes. 

The system has been tested at distances up to 300 feet!!! 

The light bar can be changed to allow for a steady light OR a flashing light. While many users like the strong flashing LED lights, for others it can distracting or literally blinding. We love options and we know you do too.

The system has been labeled to make installation a snap.

Package Contents:

4 Self Tapping Screws 

4 Wood Screws

Remote (battery included)



Common Replacement Parts

Solenoid $275.00

Solenoid Spring $12.00

Solenoid Plunger $52.00

Solenoid O’Ring $6.00

Remote $25.00


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