EnviroSpec Sales, Returns & Warranty


Receiving your packages:

DO NOT sign for any package that looks like it has been damaged!  If you absolutely need the items be sure that the carrier makes a note on your copy of the delivery receipt that says “Evidence of Damage or Shortage.”  Once you accept/open the package all claims for damages or shortages will then be between you and the carrier.  Do not throw away any packaging that the damaged products came in.  Save all packaging for carrier Inspection.

If the carrier leaves a package without your signature and there are damages BEFORE YOU OPEN THE PACKAGE contact your local carrier and have them pick the package up and return it to us.  If you open the package it will be treated as if you accepted in the condition that it was left in and all claims, damages, shortages, etc. will then be between you and the carrier.  Do not throw away any packaging that the damaged products came in.  Save all packaging for carrier Inspection.

Returns and Restocking Fee:

Refund 1You have 30 days from the date that you receive an item purchased to return that item.  We do not accept returns of items that have been used or show signs of mounting.

If the item was ordered incorrectly the customer is responsible for shipping the item(s) back to EnviroSpec.  Just make sure you use a shipping service that will provide you with a tracking number in the event the package gets lost. Since we are paying the shipping on most items there is up to a 30% restocking fee.

If we sent you item(s) incorrectly we will issue a UPS ‘Call Tag’ and pay for the shipping back to EnviroSpec.  A restocking fee is not associated with these items.

Items that are NOT returnable:

Chemicals, Equipment, Engines, Waste Water Recovery Systems, used items, unused items that show evidence of mounting, damaged items and Special Order items (items not on our web site or in our catalog) are not returnable.  Shipping charges are not refundable.

Equipment Purchases:

If you purchase equipment from Envirospec you will do so under the same terms and conditions as an distributor would purchase equipment for resale.  Those terms and conditions are as follows:  We  do not provide any warranty labor. We only warranty parts and components that go into the make-up of the final product when they are returned to us pre-paid and under the returns policy above.

Also, please understand that in shipping large equipment – nuts, bolts, components, etc. may work loose and adjustments may have to be made prior to selling or using the equipment. This is the responsibility of the buyer.

If you do not feel that you have the ability to work, repair or adjust the equipment we encourage you to purchase locally.


All items sold in our catalog and on-line are NEW and not refurbished components.

EnviroSpec does not warranty any item in our catalog or on our web site except those that are manufactured by EnviroSpec.

All warranties are presented to the buyer by the original manufacturer and must be returned prepaid to EnviroSpec or the manufacturer for evaluation and adjustments.

All returned items must be accompanied by an “RGA” (Returned Goods Authorization) which EnviroSpec will provide to you.  EnviroSpec will not send out replacement item(s) on a “no-charge” basis while EnviroSpec or the manufacturer is evaluating a returned  item. 

Returned parts must be packaged properly and shipped via PREPAID FREIGHT.  Any shipments received collect, without an RGA # or after 30 days from the issue date of the RGA # will be refused and returned at the customer expense.  For claims covered under warranty, items will be shipped to customer via UPS Prepaid.  For all repairable items NOT covered  under warranty, a bill will be issued for parts and labor.  Labor will be billed at $75.00/hour. Prices are subject to change without notification. Return freight for Items NOT covered under warranty will be the customers responsibility.

If you need an immediate replacement you will have to purchase the replacement.  However, you must understand that all items sold by EnviroSpec are covered by a “repair” or “replace” warranty and if you have to purchase another item while yours is being evaluated you will wind up with two of the same item(s).   We like to call these “spares”.  


EnviroSpec reserves the right to limit quantities of any item in this catalog or on our web site.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Waiver & Release of Liability:

If consideration of the risk of damages or injuries that may be caused by products used or purchased from EnviroSpec, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless EnviroSpec from all claims.


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