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Burner Controls

Descriptive The first time someone ‘flips’ the igniter or transformer back and sees a double handful of wire that resembles spaghetti it is all over. You

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Basic Function Hot water pressure washers use an oil burner to heat the outgoing water. The water is heated after it has left the high-pressure

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Burner Coils

 Coil Design – Oil Burners The purpose of a burner coil is to provide an efficient transfer of heat from the burner flame to the

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How to adjust your unloader by ‘nozzling your pump correctly. Read and Understand the following and I promise that 95% of your equipment problems will

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 A Note About Accessories When equipping a pressure washer with any accessory, verify that the accessory has a maximum pressure, flow, and temperature rating a

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Chemical Injectors

 Application Techniques using Chemical Injection Pressure washing without chemical is like smiling without any teeth. The result doesn’t look right. There are some jobs that

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