Gear Drives, Pulleys and Bushings for Pressure Washers

Gear Reducers

…a great way to get rid of the headaches that pump, engine pulleys and V-belts create!

Because of the 2.2 to 1 ratio of gear reducers it is best to use a pump that is rated for 1750 RPM.

gear reducer gear box


Part #: 1028 – for 1″ Engine Shaft, 24mm Pump Shaft
up to 24 HP

Each $247.00


Part #: 1029 – for 1-1/8″ Engine Shaft, 24mm Pump Shaft 
up to 24 HP

Each $258.00


Part #: 1030 – for 1-1/8″ Engine Shaft, 24mm Pump Shaft
 up to 31 HP

Each SALE $258.00


Part #: 1031 – for 1-1/8″ Engine Shaft, 30mm Pump Shaft
 up to 31 HP

Each $297.00


Replacement O-Rings for PA Gear Drive

Part #: 10321111 – Large O-Ring

Each $8.46 

Part #: Y10321056 – Small O-Ring

Each $3.97 






Comet 25 HP Gear Box for 1″ shaft

Part 1208A – for 1″ Shaft up to 25 HP

Each $267.00


12-Volt Clutch

Your Pump will last 5-times longer
simply by installing a 12-Volt Clutch

▪ Stops the pump from turning when the gun is released.  
▪ Pressure or flow switch required to activate and deactivate pulleys
▪ For engines up to 25 HP


Super Easy installation: This 7″ dual belt clutch pulley is to be used on a 1450 RPM pump which are very common in the pressure washer industry. You will need to change the engine pulley as well. again – very easy! The engine pulley that you will need will be a 3″ 2-groove pulley.- our part number 1654. You should be able to use the same bushing that you have for the engine pulley. Once the pulleys are installed simply install a pressure switch on the high side of the pump and connect to the clutch. Now when you release the trigger the pump stops.

clutch pulleys for pressure washer pump


Part #: 9333

Each $229.97


Quick Drain Oil Plug


This is the recommended drain plug for Pumps & Gear Reducers/Boxes.

Visit the Engine section for another version that can also be used.

quick drain oil plug for engines and pumps


Part #: 1428EZ

Each $25.99



Pulleys & Bushings


Pump and engine pulley

pump and engine pulley bushing


1450 RPM Pulley Setup 

Part #: 1656 – 3.4″ Engine Pulley

Each $65.89

Part #: 1663 – 8.4″ Pump Pulley

Each $114.97



1750 RPM Pulley Setup

Part #: 1658 – 3.6″ Engine Pulley

Each $68.83

Part #: 1662 – 7.4″ Pump Pulley

Each $113.16


Part #: 1026 – Pulley Bushing
for 1″ Shaft
ed Engines

Each $16.97


Part #: 1027 – Pulley Bushing
for 1-1/8″ Shafted Engine

Each $18.97


Part #: 1033 – Pulley Bushing
for 24mm Shafted Pumps

Each $16.97


Part #: 1032 – Pulley Bushing
for 20mm Shafted Pumps

Each $14.79


Tech Talk

Pulley Sizing

So which pressure washer pulley should you be using on your belt drive, gas engine? 

Set-up for 1450 RPM Pumps

Pump Pulley: 8.4” Pulley
Order #1663

Engine Pulley: 3.4″ Pulley
Order #1656

Set-up for 1750 RPM Pumps

Pump Pulley: 7.4” Pulley
Order #1662

Engine Pulley: 3.6” Pulley
Order #1658

From here all you will need to do is select the correct engine bushing. Most pumps are 24mm shafts. Engines are either 1′ or 1-1/8″. If you are not sure about the shaft size of the pump you can Google the manufacturer, model number and include the phrase ‘PDF’ in the search stream, you should be able to find it.

Example ‘General TS2021 PDF’ will bring up exactly what you need. Engines are a different story. Typically engines between 13 & 19 HP have 1″ shafts and larger engines will have 1-1/8″ shafts. It is easy to find out which one you have by simply taking a ruler and measuring the shaft diameter.

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