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Why complicate things?

Confusion 10Are you complicating things in your business?

Why is it that so many mobile power washers over-complicate things, and end up creating a big mess that never had to happen?

I see it all the time when I look at mobile power washers and the decisions they’re making in their business.  They end up creating massive complexity and confusion, rather than just keeping it simple.

In my experience, most Power Washers start out with a very simple idea or concept, and then over time, complexity sneaks in the back door.  More details and ideas are put into motion, and before long, the business has become bogged down with complexity and challenges.

Did you ever wonder why the power washer down the road is doing great and you are struggling just to get by.  You haven’t reached the amount of business you hoped for and you see all your dreams dwindling away?

I used to be like that for the longest time, I’d come up with great ideas that are going to make me a ton of money and I’d spend hours dreaming about them,(and how I was going to spend the money) but somehow I could never make things happen the way I wanted. I was working like a dog and wearing myself out and was still broke!

Then another idea would come along, this one is going to make me even more money, this is it, this is the one! The next thing you know after spending hours upon hours on this project it gets tossed to the side because a better idea comes along.

What I didn’t know is that I suffered from an all too common problem that a lot of us have.  It’s known as the “Shiny Object Syndrome”

Shiny Object Syndrome otherwise known as SOS!  SOS is not quite ADHD, it is more like a new idea that captures your imagination and attention in such a way that you get distracted from the bigger picture and go off in tangents instead of remaining focused on the job at hand.

Ok, I think I have this “Shiny Object Syndrome”, now what do I do?

Believe me when I tell you this, it’s not easy to get over this syndrome, but it is possible.  One of the first things you can do to help yourself is to slow down and stop jumping at everything that comes along.

When you do have an idea that’s going to make you money the first thing you want to do is to give it an honest assessment so you can get a clear vision of where you want to be with it.

Second thing is to know how easy or hard this idea is going to be to implement, will it be worth your time and energy? If you need to put more time and energy into the new project and the returns are lower than other power washing jobs, why waste your time?

Third – Get Educated.  EnviroSpec’ website offers more technical advice on power washing than anyone else out there.  But they are hidden! Why? Because we like to reward our customers and keep you ahead of your competition, therefore we have hidden our most prized educational files and only you (our customer) will have access to these secret files.

I can remember stumbling onto these materials from EnviroSpec when I started my Power Washing Business years ago and was I glad I did. These files saved me thousands of dollars in repairs and years of mistakes and time learning how to power wash.

I have said it over and over again, but will say it again, “Anytime someone has compiled 20 or 30 years of experience into a package or class and you don’t take advantage of it you’re an IDIOT!!!

Educate yourself – it’s FREE from EnviroSpec, all you have to do is read. Here are the secret links.

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