Truck Wash Chemicals

Efficiently cleaning fleets means using the right truck wash detergent for the right job. Explore EnviroSpec's line of premier fleet washing chemicals, and find out what top pro's already know.

Exhaust carbon cleaning on tractor-trailers

This high-foaming truck wash chemical with gloss enhancers is the one to choose to cut through excessive carbon build-up and oil-based pollutants.

A double dose of water softeners

Mineral-rich hard water reduces the ability of water to clean effectively. Great for use in hard water environments.

For heavy equipment with crusted-on dirt

When nothing else works, Chisel does! Contractors–and their customers–are amazed by this truck wash chemical’s optical brighteners.

A ‘fine finish’ tractor-trailer wash

When you need to leave a ‘highend shine’, Never Dull won’t let you down. Includes citrus extracts gentle enough for expensive finishes.

The choice for city parcel-delivery vehicles

Powerful yet gentle, Release offers a squeaky-clean appearance without the high pH of detergents used on over-the-road trucks.

Heavy duty engine & floor degreaser

A single drum pack of this prostrength solvent-based detergent will out-clean four to six drums of most similar products.

The truck wash detergent for hard water

Triple strength truck wash detergent that chelates calcium, magnesium, and iron, and eliminates scale.

For ‘touchless’ film-free truck & trailer washing

Add some gloss for eye-catching curb appeal. No brushing – just apply, rinse and go. That’s the Premier way.

Quickly dissolves exhaust stack carbon

This pro-strength alkaline wash for trucks and trailer bodies also works great as an engine, floor and fifth wheel de-greaser.

For washing & degreasing over-the-road vehicles

A unique blend of solvents that breaks down exhaust carbons on contact. This non-caustic degreaser rinses off quickly and cleanly.

The one to pick for white & light-colored trucks

Viper is great for high-volume truck washing, especially in hard-water areas. It cuts grease while producing a high level of shine.

Cut rinsing time – and your time on the job – with the powerful rinsing agent
Watch the soap ‘explode’ off of the surface bringing with it all the pollutants that you have loosened up with your favorite Envirospec detergent. Cuts your rinse time by 70%
Military Veterans get 10% off on all truck wash chemicals. We appreciate you!

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