The EnviroSpec Systems Certification School


Learn How to Troubleshoot and Repair Your Equipment.

Learn About Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

Learn ‘Tips and Tricks’ to Make Work Go Quicker and Easier.



The Systems Certification School includes the following:


Equipment Building and Maintenance

You will never fully understand how power washing equipment works until you build a machine yourself – which is exactly what you’ll do in this class.

In this course you will:

Unpack and mount an engine

Install the pump, unloader, valves, etc.

Learn several “EnviroSpec Tricks” to make your pressure washing experience more profitable and more enjoyable.

This will be our first class on the 18th.  By noon you will have concurred everything that you will need to know about keeping your equipment in perfect running condition all the time.


In-field Equipment Repairs and Troubleshooting

Broken down equipment means lost profits, and potentially lost customers. When your equipment breaks down in the field, do you know how to begin troubleshooting? Or do you have to immediately take your equipment – and your wallet – to your local distributor to have them work on your machine?

This Seminar will easily pay for itself the first time your equipment breaks down in the field!


Pumps, Gears and Unloader System

By the time you’re finished with this class, you will know more about installing pumps, gears and unloaders than your local distributor – guaranteed. No wonder it’s a school favorite!


Burner Wiring Troubleshooting

Considered by many to be the “scariest” component for servicing, John assures that participants will be able to wire a burner “blindfolded” by the time they leave.

In this course, participants will also:

Understand ignitors, motors, amp draws, and all the burner switches

Set up a burner diagnostic system to troubleshoot a burner in five seconds, “not two to three hours”

Learn how to properly clean coils

Learn how to winterize your equipment

Learn to determine the correct size coil for any machine.


Cost:  $750.00.  Includes Symposium and the best catered lunch in the South!


Information, Scheduling and Reserving Space:

Space is limited, so make your reservation early.

For more information contact Dan Galvin,







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