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Sniper Gas Engine Pressure Washer

The dream of building the perfect pressure washer has always been a big part of our DNA. When we tell you that for a fraction of the cost our Sniper Gas Engine Pressure Washer will work just as hard and last just as long as any pressure washer on the market.  




The Sniper Gas Engine Pressure Washer is by far the best value in the Professional Power Wash Industry. Where else can you find such a powerful and well-built hot water pressure washer with all the bells and whistles that a professional power wash contractor needs?

How did we do it?  Well first we eliminated a lot of excess tubing that only adds weight and a lot of unnecessary welding cost.  Then we decided to simply add a modest $150.00 for our profit and pass along to our great customer’s one of the hardest working and best built pressure washers in the industry.

With Sniper – it is no longer about an engine, pump and frame – it’s about the right engine, the most rugged pump and an easy-to-get-to frame design that makes tune-ups and services a “snap.” We call it “Intelligent Design” and we build it with the same standard features that go into even the industry’s most expensive systems.  These features include…

• EnviroSpec’s Severe Duty Warhorse Pump

• Exclusive Burner Diagnostic Center

• Vanguard 18 HP Engine – Electric Start & Pull Cord

• Hi-AMP Burner Recharging System

• Premium Unloading System

• Powder Coated EHD Frame

• Stainless Steel Coil Wrapper Standard

• Exclusive Burner Diagnostic Center

• Stainless Steel Burner Diagnostic Panel

• High Limit Temperature Protection

• Sch. 80 Premium Heating Coil

• Marine Grade Battery Box

• Thermal Pump Protector

• 12 Gal. Diesel Tank

• 6.5 Gal. EPA approved Gas Tank

• Plumbed for Garden Hose

• Beckett Genesis Burner

• Safety Pressure Relief Valve

• 12VDC Burners Requires Group 24

   Deep Cycle Battery (Not Included)

*Injector, Hose, Gun, Lance & Nozzles sold separately.
*Customer pays shipping to terminal for customer pick-up.






5.6 GPM @ 3,800, 18 HP VANGUARD


Sniper – Belt Drive
Regular Price: $8,994.60


Allow for a 2-week custom build time.


Weight:  535 Lbs.

Dimensions:  36.5W x 41.5L x 51H

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