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Reputable contractors use reputable chemical suppliers

pressure-washing-45You’ve come across those “splash-n-dash” pressure washing amateurs. They do shoddy work for low-ball prices, using cheap detergents. They’ve never read a Material Safety Data Sheet, because, well, they just don’t care.

What would their customers think if they knew that caustic chemicals were being used on their homes or truck fleets; chemicals that worked like paint strippers, removing paint along with the dirt? They might not see the damage immediately, but they will, over time, when the things they own start looking dingy…when it’s already too late.

And how would those customers feel if they found out that those same detergents were hurting the environment, and potentially, the many living things around their homes and businesses? Don’t bother asking those contractors to care. They’re already gone, and they’re not the type who come back for much repeat business.

Of course, you know better. You take pride in your work. They say that a man’s character comes from what he does when no one is looking. And even though your customers might not understand the difference between various cleaning liquids, you give them the best, because that’s how you’d want any contractor to treat you.

You stand behind your work, and that’s why you buy from a chemical supplier who stands behind you.

The right type of company offers the knowledge you need to make sure those chemicals are being used properly. They post every detergent’s MSDS so that you, and the earth, stay safe and healthy. They’re available when you have a question or a concern. They offer the right product for the right job, no matter what the job is. And they’re working every day for the long-term improvement and enhancement of the products, the procedures, the contractors and the industry itself.

In the end, the right chemical supplier does a better job because their chemicals are formulated, tested and perfected by contractors just like you. And if you have a problem, a concern, an idea or a suggestion, then you also have their attention. Because it’s a two-way street. We’re all in this together.

If you can find a chemical supplier who supports the powerwash industry in all the ways that EnviroSpec does, then feel free to buy from them. In the meantime, know that we’re here for you in every way.

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