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Pump Troubleshooting

pressure washer pump

The two most common pump problems operators say they have are “low pressure” or “no pressure.” Actually, the pump is the most durable part of your pressure washer. In my experience, usually what people think is a pump failure or problem isn’t caused by the pump at all.

While there are multiple possibilities why each of the following problems can exist, here are the most common. For accurate pump troubleshooting, you’ll need to have a pressure gauge on hand. 

Low Pressure

Low pressure is usually not a result of a pump malfunction. Often it’s a water supply issue, and occasionally it’s the unloader. To start troubleshooting, you’ll need to observe what your equipment is doing. When you open the trigger gun and your water is flowing, what does your pressure gauge say? Let’s say your pressure gauge is reading 2000 PSI, and you normally run at 3500 PSI. When you release the trigger gun, does the pressure go up before the unloader goes into the bypass? If so, that means the pump and the unloader are working and that you have a water supply problem.

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