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Power Through! Profile: Leon Reams of Express Pressure Wash

EPW’s Leon Reams on Building a High-Visibility Business

Leon Reams is owner of Express Pressure Wash, a power-washing business based in Nampa, Idaho. EPW is visible in servicing truck shows and truck washes all over America — and provides those same services as well as pressure washing of houses, fences, decks, driveways, and more across Idaho and the Treasure Valley area of the western United States.

No professional power washer would argue with Reams’ success — from one truck and one crew beginning in 2006 to 32 branded trucks and their crews today. According to Reams, there’s been no secret to EPW’s success.

“Just deliver what you promise the customer,” he said. “We take pride in our work and guarantee customer satisfaction. It is our personal goal to make sure that the job is done to the best of our ability.”

Another success factor: repeat business. But customers won’t come back unless they’re satisfied with the very first time you talk to them and the first job you perform, Reams emphasized. The proof is in the numbers: EPW has more than 25 employees across all of its locations and generates $5 million a year in sales.

EPW is a family-owned business, involving his wife and children. Growing bigger as his company has done is amazing, he said, but don’t let your business lose that mom-and-pop feel and get too “corporate” and detached from your core base of clients.

‘Just deliver what you promise the customer.’ — Leon Reams, owner of Express Pressure Wash

Among their range of services, EPW also cleans boats, RVs, farm equipment, and even hoods in restaurant kitchens — “anything else that you may need washed,” Reams said. EPW’s washing units are fully mobile and each can carry up to 600 gallons of water — and they’re environmentally friendly, using green and pet-safe chemicals.

Power Through! Pro Tip

EPW specializes in truck and heavy equipment cleaning. “Semis, all truck shows, that’s where you’ll see us,” Reams said. For truck- and equipment-washing products, EPW’s go-to source is EnviroSpec. Chisel and Never Dull are favorites, Reams said.

Learn more about EnviroSpec’s equipment degreasing products, including other popular products such as Prodigy, Blue Lightning, Hood Pro, and Viper — a truck wash and heavy equipment degreaser that has other additives such as optical brighteners and gloss enhancers.

Visit Express Pressure Wash on Facebook. The company also is available on Instagram.

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