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How to Get Customers to Come to You

How to Save Time, Achieve More, Become a Leader

EnviroSpec suggests that, to professional power washers, the single biggest, nonrenewable asset you have is your time. There are only three things you can do with it: Waste it, sell it, or invest it. As a power-washing service professional, what you do with your time acutely impacts how much money you can make.

If in the year 2021 you want to make customers come to you, earn a six-figure (or bigger) income, become a thought leader and a recognized expert in your chosen field, positively impact lives of many people, gain fame and earn respect of your peers — you have to invest your time into creating marketing assets that will work for you!

Just like the wealthy invest in assets that continuously appreciate in value and generate more money, savvy entrepreneurs invest in creating marketing assets that grow your business with no additional expense.

What are those assets? Here’s just a short list:

  • Content
  • Information products
  • Referral partners
  • E-zine subscribers list
  • Customers list
  • Incoming links to your website
  • Testimonials
  • Education

So if you want to become a “top dog” in the power-washing industry, you’ve got to start doing what the “big dogs” do and that is investing your time into creating high leverage marketing assets use this short checklist:

  • DON’T design expensive logos. While establishing your uniqueness is important, people will not do business with you because you spent money on a cute graphic!
  • DO survey your ideal clients. Learning and understanding their needs allow you to offer them solutions they want — and that makes you incredibly attractive to them.
  • DON’T place ads that feature little more but your logo, phone number and address. Stop kidding yourself thinking you are the next IBM or Coca-Cola and that merely mentioning your name will get people pounding on your door!
  • DO create content that addresses the most pressing needs your prospects and clients are desperately trying to solve! Write articles, create special reports, publish an e-zine or e-book (or regular book), and record audio/video products. If you advertise, advertise those information products not your services.
  • DO take time to learn and leverage free publicity. Research media contacts, take time to understand what type of information appeals to them, and become good at presenting your information in the format they like best.
  • DON’T attend every networking meeting you can find. Your time is much too valuable to try to attract business in one-on-one fashion. Contrary to the popular belief, networking isn’t cheap! If you add up the cost of your time, the price you pay to eat all that rubber chicken, and the energy to follow-up with people who will likely never do business with you, it gets very expensive. So make sure you know how to get customers and referrals from every meeting you attend!
  • DO develop informative presentations. Find large gatherings of your ideal prospects and get good at getting yourself invited as a speaker.
  • DON’T fiddle around adjusting the shades of colors on your website!
  • DO look for online communities that already attract your ideal clients and find a way to make them link to you. Ask them to post your articles. Make your site content rich so they will want to list it as a resource. Or sell an info product and invite them to become an affiliate.
  • DON’T beg for referrals!
  • DO create ways your current clients can easily “give you away” (like an article or an audio CD).
  • DO build relationships with referral partners. Create ways in which they can introduce you to hundreds or even thousands of prospects at once!
  • DON’T try to figure everything out on your own — that’s a very expensive way to learn marketing and build your business.
  • DO invest in knowledge products and access to experts. An hour or two with a knowledgeable adviser can save you thousands of dollars in time and money wasted on wrong strategies and improperly implemented tactics.

Providing people with easily accessible information about solutions you provide (your business) will position you as a valuable resource and an expert. These tools will not only attract all the new business you want, but they will allow you to charge the money you deserve and create the lifestyle you desire.

So stop wasting time attending “rubber chicken lunches” and chasing people who will likely never do business with you nor refer a single client. Instead, start creating high-leverage marketing tools that over time will generate an avalanche of new business!

For over 30 years EnviroSpec has been helping contractors become profitable. We hope you will continue to grow and prosper and we hope that you will always remember that we are here to help if and when you need it.

And remember to Power Through!

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