House Washing & Roof Cleaning Chemicals

Smart contractors and cleaning crews know the advantages of various roof cleaning detergents and house wash detergents. That knowledge separates the true professionals from the rest.

Use with bleach, without bleach’s downsides
First, bleach softens mold/mildew so the detergent can penetrate. Then, the high detergent bed of Emulsifier Plus removes pollutants.
A Powerful Citrus Solvent House Wash

Citrus solvent extracts cut through carbonaceous pollutants, acid rain, mold and mildew. Optical brighteners in this amazing house wash detergent make homes look new.

Perfect for new construction clean-downs

Add some gloss for eye-catching curb appeal. No brushing – just apply, rinse and go. That’s the Premier way.

The concentrated 1-step cleaner

A wash with excellent wetting and gloss enhancing characteristics, that can also be used to clean cars.

Destroy mildew and its roots on roofs and moreh

You can soften and remove the surface mildew with bleach, or you can completely eliminate the problem by killing the root bed, with the best roof cleaning chemical around.

Don’t just clean houses; protect them

Plex-Master is a blend of silicone & silicone hardener, polymer and mildew retardant that will enhance the appearance of vinyl and aluminum siding, painted wood and metal surfaces after cleaning.

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