Soft Wash Systems


While most of the pumps in the Soft-Wash industry are little more than converted fertilizer pumps the Fat Daddy soft-wash system is built from the ground-up to handle chlorine concentrations up to 13% and alkaline detergents up to a pH of 13.5.

Yes, the Fat Daddy System is a true Soft-Wash System designed to fulfill every expectation of the discerning professional who knows, understands and demands power, performance and dependability.

Up to 11.5 GPM & Up to 300 PSI

7.0 HP KOHLER Engine & Base Plate

The FAT DADDY SYSTEM is built around a unique, high performance three-cylinder pump that will pump solutions vertically and horizontally 50′ with our Predator nozzle and rich, wet Foam as much as 35′ both horizontally and vertically. The power plant s a rugged 7.0 horsepower, quick starting, quiet running KOHLER industrial engine.

The Fat Daddy Pump is housed in a glass filled polypropylene casing that incorporates proprietary components designed to withstand the harshest of chemicals to include high concentrations of Chlorine, Fertilizers and Pesticides.

Included with the complete Fat Daddy System are:

  • Fat Daddy Diaphragm Pump with ‘Quick Drain Oil Plugs’ on both the Pump and Gear Box
  • 7.0 Horsepower KOHLER Engine 
  • Fat Daddy Long Distance Foam Turbine with 35′ horizontal and vertical thrust
  • Fat Daddy Long Distance Predator Nozzle with 50′ horizontal and vertical thrust.
  • Two Broadcast Fan Nozzle Set
  • 1-1/4″ Inlet Barb
  • 1/2″ & 3/8″ Discharge Barb (set up with 1/2″)
  • A cushioned 36″ Lance Assembly with Stainless Steel Quick Connects
  • 100′ of 1/2″ Discharge Hose with Stainless Steel Quick Connects
  •  10′ of 1-1/4″ non-crushable tank to the soft wash equipment supply hose
  • Aluminum Base Plate with remote discharge mount that eliminates the chance of pump damage when the operator is pulling the pressure hose.
Part #: FDSWS- Complete System, Pump, Engine & Base Plate, Mounted

 Max Water Temp: 150°, Inlet: 1-1/4″
Outlet: 1/2″ or 3/8″ (set up with 1/2″ outlet)

Fat Daddy Performance

Fat Daddy Foam Generator

• Produces Extreme Fat Daddy Foam 
• Superior Wetting Characteristics 
• 2.5 Gal Treats 220+ Gallons Of Detergent

Part# FDFG



Fat Daddy Rinse Additive

• Add 1 Gallon to 55 Gallons Detergent Mix
• Increases Rinse-Ability For Quicker Rinse-Downs
• 2.5 Gal Treats 110 Gallons Of Detergent

Part # FDRA



Fat Daddy Detergents

Fat Daddy House, Truck & Car Wash Detergents

• Packed with Extreme High-Yield Foaming Agents
• Superior Wetting For Improved Water & Cleaning Efficiency
• Special Sequestrating Agents for Hard Water & Oxidation
• Emulsification Properties Under Low or High Pressure
• Gloss Enhancers Leave Unprecedented Finish
• Each Kit Makes 220+ Gallons Of Detergent

Fat Daddy Helps You Give Your Customers That “BANG For Their Buck”

Fat Daddy – High Yield Foaming Detergents – Make 220+ Gallons Each

Truck Wash

Part# FDTW

Each $239.00

Car Wash

Part# FDCW

Each $239.00

House Wash

Part# FDHW

Each $239.00

Soft-Wash Engine & Base

AR45LFPGRGCI Soft Wash Pump

Fat Daddy Soft Wash Pump

Semi-Hydraulic Three Diaphragm Pump


Each $917.00


Kohler Engine, 7 HP

4-bolts and a key-way is all it takes to attach the Cyclone Pump to the industry’s favorite, quick starting, fuel-miser engine.

7 HP Kohler Engine 

Each $479.00


 Soft Wash Pump


Softwash Pump


6.7 GPM @ 150 PSI

Sprays 38’ vertical and 55” horizontal

The Pumptec XPVC series soft wash pumps are specifically engineered for use with Sodium Hypochlorite. This is a perfect pump for cleaners who are interested a high performance electric pump designed for longevity in the soft wash industry. The pump is designed with Viton seals, Hastelloy Valves, ceramic plungers and a PVC/CPVC body, all “A” rated materials for use with Sodium Hypochlorite

You can expect a long, problem-free life with a PUMPTEC pump

Soft-Wash Base Plate

Aluminum Base Plate with Vibration Dampening Isolators



Part #: 7555 – 16″ X 10″ of 3/16″ Aluminum
Each $199.97
Part #: 7555HD – 20″ X 10″ of 1/4″ Aluminum
Each $249.97


Heavy Wall Threaded PVC – Gray

Schedule 80 / 600 PSI / 1/2″

Part #: 55241 – 24″ x 1/2″ MPT

Each  $8.99

Part #: 55243 – 36″ x 1/2″ MPT

Each $10.80

Part #: 55244 – 48″ x 1/2″ MPT

Each $14.99


Premium ‘Soft-Wash’ Hose

The Fat Daddy soft wash equipment hose is a PVC hose specifically designed for ‘Soft-Wash’ systems. Ribbed PVC cover minimizes drag resistance. Long, one piece lengths are used on reels without collapsing. Chemical resistant PVC is suitable for spraying both chlorine and heavy duty detergents and degreasers.

Tube – Yellow PVC
Reinforcement – High Tensile Strength Yard, Braided
Cover – Yellow Ribbed PVC

Part #: SWH050 – 1/2″ x 50′ with  1/2″ x 1/2″ MPT Crimped On Ends
Each $89.00
Part #: SWH100 – 1/2″ x 100′ with  1/2″ x 1/2″ MPT Crimped On Ends
Each $138.00
Part #: SWH200 – 1/2″ x 200′ with  1/2″ x 1/2″ MPT Crimped On Ends
Each $229.00

Non-Crushable Inlet Hose

The only approved supply hose for Soft-Wash Diaphragm Pumps

Will not kink or collapse in hot weather.

3/4″ x 50′ in length

Each $59.98

1″ x 50′ in length

Each $65.97

1-1/4″ x 50′ in length

Each $80.29


Non-Kinking Soft-Wash Hose

▪ Will not kink or collapse!

▪ 600 PSI Working Pressure

▪ Great By-pass hose for Unloaders


Part #: 3399 – 3/8″ ID – Priced Per Foot

Each $1.32
Part #: 3400 – 1/2″ ID – Priced Per Foot
Each $1.47
Part #: 3401 – 3/4″ iD – Priced Per Foot
Each $2.29

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