Product Name: SPEED-X-777

Class: ‘Quick-rinse’ Additive for EnviroSpec Detergents


70% of your wash time is WASTED during the rinsing process!


Watch the soap ‘explode’ off of the surface bringing with it all the pollutants that you have loosened up with your favorite Envirospec detergent.  Cuts your rinse time by 70% 


Not making as much money as you thought you would? 

Cut your rinse time as much as 70% with Speed-X-777!  Plus You’ll Save That Precious Water! 

Have you stopped to consider that 70% of your cleaning time is lost in the RINSE process rather than WASHING? 

Don’t believe it?  The next time you go to the job site time yourself. 

How long does it take to apply the soap and how long does it take to make absolutely sure that all the “soap” is rinsed free? You are in for a shock! 

Directions for use: Mix one (1) gallon Speed-X-777 with 55 gallons of detergent. Wash as always and notice the increased speed in rinsing vs. the old.


Cleaning tips: ‘CLICK HERE’

Packaging:  5 Gallon Container treats 275 Gallons


Buy 1 ea. 5-Gal. Drum
(activates 275 gallons)


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