Packaging: 5 Gallon Container makes 55 Gallons

Buy 1 ea. 5-Gal. Drum
(makes 55-gallons)

Plex-Master SDS


 Surface Sealant and Gloss Enhancer 



Plex-Master is a blend of silicone & silicone hardener, polymer and mildew retardant that will enhance the appearance of vinyl and aluminum siding, painted wood and metal surfaces after cleaning. Plex-Master is also an excellent product that will eliminate or substantially reduce the reformation of mold and mildew on all surfaces. 

Plex-Master is an excellent ‘spot-free’ glass sealant/cleaner. Simply wash the structure with your favorite EnviroSpec detergent and when done apply PlexMaster and rinse. Typically this will take an additional 15 minutes per house and will put the contractor at an advantage over those who do not provide this service. 

Plex-Master provides a distinctive edge that will separate the Professional Contract Cleaner from the “splash ‘n dash”  house washer. For just pennies per job the contract cleaner can provide the homeowner with a ‘cleaner clean’ and a ‘brighter shine’ that will last much longer than that of their closest competitor. 

Plex Tractor

When you explain the advantages of using environment friendly products that will leave the soil exactly the way you found it and the added benefit of the Plex-Master application you have virtually left your competitors in the ‘dust (dirt).’

With the addition of this gloss booster product to your sales presentation you will be washing houses from $400.00 and up even though your competitor quoted them $79.95. This is a fact that has been proven time and time again. 

Plex Window

Mildew, which will form on virtually anything, will be much easier to remove when the surface has been coated with Plex-Master. In most cases the homeowner will be able to keep the surface looking ‘alive and free’ of mildew with an occasional rinse down using a standard garden hose. Another great feature of Plex-Master is that once applied and rinsed before it has been allowed to dry, the windows will be ‘squeaky’ clean. 

Very quickly downstream Plex-Master ‘on’ and ‘rinse off.’ Work in small enough areas so the product can be rinsed before it dries. Typically a 2000 square foot home will require approximately 5 gallons of the Plex-Master mix and the application and rinse process will take about 15 minutes. 

Cleaning tips: ‘CLICK HERE’ 

Directions for use: Mix 5-gallons of PlexMaster with 55 gallons of water. Apply to the surface with a downstream chemical injector or thruster nozzle or X-Jet. Apply in such a manner so the product will not dry before rinsing. Typically one would apply to 1/2 of the front of the house and rinse and then the other 1/2 of the front and rinse.  The same will be done for the back.  On the two sides you should be able to apply and rinse as one application. 

After the surface sealant and gloss booster product has been applied lightly rinse with fresh clean water. This product may be diluted for different applications; actual washing experience is the only way to determine what is right for you.  .  For the absolute very best results downstream inject using EnviroSpec’s Super Suds Sucker (p/n 1964).Plex-Master is an excellent ‘spot-free’ glass surface sealant/cleaner.

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