Class: Caustic Stable Foaming Surfactant

Make your own Exhaust Hood Cleaner!

Personally speaking I think one of the biggest ‘scams’ perpetrated on the professional mobile wash industry is trying to make them think that there is a lot of ‘rocket science’ that goes into producing caustic exhaust hood cleaners. There isn’t. Simply purchase a drum of potassium or sodium hydroxide and add 1-gallon of Performance Builder Plus. 

Performance Builder Plus is a blend of high yield, caustic stable surfactants & emulsifiers that will hold up indefinitely and help to ‘crank up’ the horsepower of the raw material. Next time you decide to buy a caustic cleaner order up some Performance Builder Plus. 

HoodPro Exhaust-KitchenA premium caustic exhaust hood cleaner would be one where 50 pounds of sodium hydroxide beads are mixed with 55 gallons of water along with one gallon of Performance Builder Plus. Exercise caution when mixing sodium hydroxide beads with water. Add very slowly otherwise there can be a violent reaction where the product will blow back on you. After the beads have been added stir in the Performance Builder Plus. If you use Potassium Hydroxide you will purchase that in an 85% liquid form. Typically a manufacturer will make 4 drums out of 1 drum of the 85% solution. In this case you will need 4 each 1 gallon containers of Performance Builder Plus. EXERCISE CAUTION when working with any chemical product. Read and understand the SDS and all safety information about the products being handled. Wear protective clothing and safety glasses. Do not allow any unprotected person or animal around the mixing area. Clean up when done.


Cleaning tips: ‘CLICK HERE’


Blend 1-gallon of Performance Builder into 55 gallons of potassium or sodium hydroxide. 

Use extreme caution when handling potassium or sodium hydroxide.

Buy 1:  5 Galllon Jug
(enough to activate 270 gallons)






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