Product Name: BLOCKADE

Class: Truck Wash, House Cleaning Agent

Because of so many extreme ‘hard water’ plateaus in the United States virtually every area of the country can reduce a detergents cleaning power by as much as 70%.  For this reason you can see why soil removal is such a complex process that is much more involved than just adding soap or surfactant to water.

In the power wash industry especially the major concern everyone has is dealing with cleaning solutions in hard water.  Water is made “hard” by the presence of calcium, magnesium, iron and metal ions. These metal ions interfere with the cleaning ability of all detergents.  The metal ions themselves act like dirt and “use up” performance generating surfactants, making them unavailable to act on the surface pollutant that we want to clean.

BLOCKADE’S powerful chelating agent complex (pronounced keelating from the Greek word claw) combines with these disruptive metal ions in the water.  The metal ions are surrounded by these ‘claw-like’ chelating agents which alters the electronic charge of the metal ions from positive to negative (see diagram below.)  This makes it impossible for the metal ions to be combined with the surfactants. Thus, chelated metal ions remain tied up in solution in a harmless state where they will not use up the powerful cleaning power of our surfactants.





Mixing Instructions: Read and understand these instructions before starting to mix this product. Use warm water, never hot (not to exceed 120 degrees F.) Warm water helps powders go into solution more easily. On the other hand, hot water will blow apart many of the surfactants contained in the powder. It is possible to use cold water but additional manual agitation may be required. Use a clean poly drum & fill it approximately 30% full with warm water. Place the pressure washer nozzle close to the bottom of the drum and continue filling while adding the powder slowly. When the drum is 70% full all the powder should have been added. Some products contain a Liquid Activator. If this is the case add the Activator when the drum is approximately 80% full. Continue filling until the drum is full. The result is 55 gallons of liquid concentrate.  Allow to cool before use.

Dilutions: The amount you dilute a detergent product depends on many factors and cannot be covered by one statement. The following guideline is a starting point from which you should adjust. Chemical dilution needs to be adjusted because of weather conditions, cleaning difficulty, washing method used (including psi) and whether or not you brush as well as the desired result. Remember that a typical downstream injector dilutes the product approximately 1 part detergent to 9 parts water (10%).  With EnviroSpec’s Super Suds Sucker Injector (part number 1964) you will be able to draw up to 33% product. This injector will give you a much faster and a cleaner clean.

Washing technique: Apply to a cool surface. Run a test pattern first to determine concentration compatibility. Apply detergent through a down-stream injector. Apply detergent from the ‘bottom-up’ and rinse from the ‘top-down.’ As you rinse do so in an overlapping pattern much like you would when you spray-paint a surface. Apply in such a manner that will allow you to completely rinse the surface before the detergent dries.

Note: It is important to always rinse well and when you think you are done – rinse again. This should be common practice with all cleaning solutions. Pay special attention to horizontal surfaces that may trap detergent, allowing it to run down onto surfaces after you have washed them. Examples of where this occurs would be ‘run-off’ from tractor roofs and trailer tops. Try not to put detergent in these areas, if you do be sure to rinse it off. It is also important to note that all detergents rinses better with warm water than with cold. By adding 1-gallon of Speed-X-777 to 55 gallons of your favorite EnviroSpec detergent you will cut your rinse time by 70%. 

Make it a practice to always read and insist your employees read and understand the SDS that accompanies this product. If one did not come with the product visit the website and look under chemical products and download the SDS or e-mail

CAUTION – Avoid Alkaline Shock: Any detergent product that is applied to a hot surface stands a chance of producing alkaline shock. If the surface is hot and a strong detergent solution is applied – the water evaporates from the product before you have a chance to rinse – all resulting in a dull, streaked or tarnished surface which is often irreversible. Cool the surface down with water first then apply the product. On real hot days turn off the pressure washer burner and wash with cold water.

Cleaning tips: ‘CLICK HERE’

Packaging:  3-part product - 50 lbs. of pure SuperFlo Polymer Base, 20 lbs. of Chelators and liquid Activator 

Buy 1 55-Gallon Drum Pak
Makes 55-Gallons of Concentrate


Buy 3 55-Gallon Drum Paks and save 10%


Buy 6 55-Gallon Drum Paks and save 15%




pH:  12.5-12.7
Caustic:  No
Degreaser:  Yes
Gloss Enhancers:  High Yield
Rinsing:  Excellent
SuperFlo Polymer:  Yes

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