Product Name: Dang Clean!

Next Generation Stain & Odor Fighting Cleaning Beads

100s of Residential & Commercial Uses! No Fillers, No Bull $&%#! This stuff Rocks!

Compare to your favorite Oxy-Style Cleaner! Huge Variety of Powerful Scents!

-Stains, Odors, Laundry, Athletic Gear, Decks, Carpet, Pet Odors, Sinks, Tubs, Grout, Wood Restoration, Roofs, MORE!

3 LB Cleaning Beads
Infused with awesome scents
Over 100 Uses and Counting!

Wow! 3 Pounds for price of 1 Pound!

We Pay Shipping on all Chemical Purchases


Ultra Oasis​

~Infused with Ultra Attractant

Buy 1 – $10.00

Coconut Lime

~Infused with Coconut Lime

Buy 1 – $10.00

Citrus Burst

~Infused with Orange and Lemon

Buy 1 – $10.00

Secret Garden

~Infused with Gardenia Blooms

Buy 1 – $10.00

Strawberry Dream

~Infused with Strawberries

Buy 1 – $10.00

Midnight Breeze

~Infused with Lavender Coconut

Buy 1 – Call

Limited Edition

Thai Delight

~Infused with Thai Lemongrass

Buy 1 – Discontinued

Coconut Beach

~Infused with Coconut Sea Waves

Buy 1 – Discontinued

Powder Fresh

~Infused with Soft and Powdery

Buy 1 – Discontinued

Island Punch

~Infused with Tropics and Fruits

Buy 1 – Discontinued

Cherry Rush

~Infused with Cherry

Buy 1 – Discontinued

Valentine Red Hots

~Infused with Cinnamon Red Hots

Buy 1 – Discontinued

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