Are you old enough to remember a time when things were built to last?  “Built for the long-haul” was the logo that we adopted many years ago in memory of the times when honest value was placed ahead of low cost and high profits.

While other companies are content with producing flashy disposable systems which are little more than attention-grabbing fantasies, Allison Iron Horse has always been developing to a far higher and more complete level of engineering than what our industry has grown to know as typical.

 With increasing technological challenges and demanding customer expectations, the value of Allison Iron Horse is stronger now than ever.

By exploring advanced concepts, adventurous suggestions and ideas from our customer, Allison Iron Horse remains at the forefront of high pressure cleaning equipment design and engineering.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the new 2017 EFI Vigilante.



are the only engine available on a



Test show that if you run a Vigilante a minimum of 35 hours per week that over the course of one year you will realize a fuel savings of over $2,500.00.


Can you afford to own a Vigilante?

The question should be…
…can you afford not to own a Vigilante.

Let’s do the math. If you can save $2,500.00 per year in fuel and you run your Vigilante 2.5 years that comes to a total of $6,250.00 in fuel savings. So if you bought the AK8636 for $6,295.00 this means that you only spent $45.00 for your equipment.




Own it for only


(See our Cost Calculator Below)

Allison Iron Horse has always harnessed the latest in technology and taken it further than any other company in the industry.  Every machine that comes off of our assembly line is years ahead or our closest competitors.

Because never being satisfied will always been part of our DNA the Allison Iron Horse Vigilante has evolved into being a technological marvel that is not only first in performance, first in power but will remain the professional’s first choice for years to come.  Every component used to produce a Vitilante is a testament to this mindset.





5.6 GPM @ 3,800

Super Hi-Temp Packings 200º

Contractror:  $5495.00 (Click Here)
List Price: $8,495.00



8.6 GPM @ 3,600

Super Hi-Temp Packings 200º

Contractror:  $6295.00 (Click Here)
List Price: $9,695.00

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