Cat Pump Kits

Cat Pump Kits

How to find a CAT Pump repair kit.

Go to PUMPS – Cat Pumps and find the pump model and click on the Model Number. When you do it will take you to an exploded view of your pumps similar to the picture on the left. Find the part number or kit number that you would like to order. In the list below let’s say you needed a Cover Bearing. To the left you will see CAT’s part number 43223.

Go to the catalog section or our website (/envirospec-catalog/) where you will see “CLICK here if you have your part numbers.” Once you ‘CLICK‘ you can enter your part number preceded by CA1-.

In this instance you would enter CA1-43223

Should your choice not appear please call customer service at 800-346-4876 ext. 54.

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