CAT Pumps

Industrial Duty Belt, Gear & Direct Drive Pumps



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The History behind CAT PUMP




Model 5CP5140 Belt Drive Plunger Pump









Model 66DX35G1 Direct Drive Plunger Pump



 Model 2DX05ELS Direct Drive Plunger Pump













Belt Drive Pumps









Gear Drive Pumps








Direct Drive Pumps



Cat Pumps Limited Warranty

Click below to view our offical warranty document for standard pumps and accessories.



Cavitation Troubleshooting

Cavitation can cause serious damage to your pump and system. Review these conditions to solve and/or eliminate downtime.




High Pressure System Design Guide

This guide will assist you in all phases of design from initial component selection and design to proper maintenance after installation.




Inlet Conditon Troubleshooting

This document contains important information to ensure proper inlet conditions when designing/operating a new system.




Preventive Maintenance Schedule

This document contains guidelines for determining a proper preventative maintenance service schedule.




Nozzle Selection Chart

This document contains handy formulas and reference chart to determine nozzle size on high pressure systems.




Standard Horsepower Chart

This document contains formulas and reference table for determining required electric brake horsepower




Extended Storing Guidelines

This document contains important information and precautions to consider when storing you pump or pumping system for an extended period of time.




Water Line Pressure Loss

Pressure drop in steel pipe, brass pipe and copper tubing based on gallons per min and nominal diameters.



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