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SuperFlo Polymers: the MAGIC Behind EnviroSpec Cleaning Chemicals

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We recently had a sales rep join our company who had been in the chemical and pump business since the late 1980s. One day he commented that after talking to our customers for over a 3 month span that he was shocked to hear how much our customers liked our detergents and that “no-one, absolutely no-one, has ever had anything but great things to say about our detergents.”

When EnviroSpec gets a new chemical customer, they are a chemical customer for life, and it’s all because of SuperFlo Polymer™!

That’s what this magical product called: SUPERFLO POLYMER. Why has it made EnviroSpec chemicals the most asked for detergents in the professional cleaning/mobile wash industry?

Years ago John Allison, the owner of EnviroSpec, was a contractor just like you. And – just like you – he tried everyone’s ‘claim to fame’ detergents until he realized that everything that he purchased was thought up and compounded by someone who had never had to clean anything for profit. It was after many very expensive 55 gallon drums of watered down detergents when John finally realized that if he was ever going to make it in such a demanding industry he needed to learn how to make his own chemicals.

John set up a small lab at his business and over the next few years his ‘chem lab for a dummy’ flourished. Almost every day John would head out to a job site with yet another ‘concoction’ that he had dreamed up the night before. He would take his new formula out and if it showed any signs of success he would keep ‘tweaking’ it until it was either a great success or a horrible failure. John says the failures ran about 99 to 1 over the successes.

Over the next few years John learned what to use and what not to use to clean the delicate surfaces of stone and brick, the greasy surfaces of commercial vehicles, the impossible to clean restaurant exhaust hoods, aluminum and vinyl sided houses, pools, patios, roofs, concrete, cement mixers, etc. and he learned all this without ‘blowing himself up’ in the process. Although there were several close calls along the way.

Now John Allison had developed an incredible arsenal of cleaners by1984 and yet the SuperFlo Polymer™ product that is now known throughout the industry today was not even on the horizon at that time. Here is how the SuperFlo Polymer™ product came about and how it has dramatically changed the complexion of the professional mobile wash industry.

John had an account that had several terminals scattered throughout New England, New York and New Jersey. When one of his vehicles left to service these accounts it would be 2-3 weeks before it would return so it had to leave with enough chemical to complete the schedule. Oftentimes that meant carrying up to 15 drums of soap. Most of the time the vehicle also carried 500 gallons of water and that coupled with the weight of the soap resulted in some very expensive fines as the truck would pass through the weigh stations along the way from job site to job site.

There had to be a way to be able to put enough powder in solution where 1 drum of detergent (even if it were a ‘sludge’) would equal 3 drums of a super concentrate that could be further diluted through a down-stream injector. In detergent chemistry the ‘rule of thumb’ has always been that – at best – you can only mix one pound of powder to 1 gallon of water without ‘fall-out’ or separation occurring. And here John is trying to defy all the laws of chemical compounding by attempting to mix 3 pounds of powder into one gallon of water and having it hold in solution.

John contacted a chemist friend who had suggested that maybe he should look outside of the detergent chemistry industry and try to find something or a combination of ‘somethings’ that could couple or ‘tie-up’ the solids and keep them in a solution. His friend also told him that every once in a while all the ‘stars will align’ and what is known in the chemical formulary industry as ‘black magic’ will occur. He did and it did! And one day – out of nowhere – the blends came together and when they did John had a product that could be added to detergents that would couple as much as – not 3 pounds per gallon – but up to 4 pounds per gallon.

Even More Magic

The longer you wash a surface with any of our products that contain SuperFlo Polymer™ the shinier it gets. Even the lustre on surfaces that have been ‘burned’ and ‘dulled’ by contractors who have used harsh, low cost caustic cleaners will be rejuvenated and brought back to life.