The EnviroSpec Story

story-three-beakersForty years ago, pressure washing contractor John Allison realized that the harsh and ineffective chemicals that he was buying were compounded by chemists who never actually had to clean anything for a living.

So John began to experiment in his own small lab, testing his detergent formulas on the job, tweaking, and testing again. Eventually he developed a superior line of environment-friendly products for cleaning everything from vinyl siding to cement mixers. When he started selling his formulations, mobile wash pro’s across the U.S. gladly became customers for life. Finally, John perfected the ‘black magic’ of super-concentrated SuperFLo Polymer.TM 

 story-proformaSome guys love a challenge. Next, John Allison added mobile wash equipment and parts to the offerings. The catalog grew…and kept growing. As an ex-contractor, he knew that discerning professionals needed better pressure washers. So he designed and built his powerful Allison Iron Horse equipment,a popular addition to the product line. From its headquarters in Georgia, EnviroSpec has now brought more cleaning items to the industry than all other suppliers combined.

computer-guy5Sharing knowledge. Equipment and chemicals are only as good as the people who use them. So John Allison set out to help improve contractors’ knowledge and skills as well. A wealth of smart, helpful professional resources like the Technical Library, How to Wash Stuff, Troubleshooting and Articles for Contractors are now available on this website. Even veteran contractors can learn about new techniques, equipment, and ways to build their business. 

Success offers the chance to make a difference. Today, all of EnviroSpec’s profits from chemical sales go to their Soap for Hope charitable foundation. Children who need operations, veterans who need a career opportunity, and abused, abandoned pets who need a caring home are all helped by EnviroSpec–—and by extension, the mobile wash contractors who buy their products. 

That’s our story. If you’re not already one of the 3000 mobile wash professionals who are part of the EnviroSpec community, we invite you to explore the informational resources and high-performance products on this website. Or you can call us at 1-800-346-4876. We’re here to help.