How EnviroSpec Made a Difference for One Veteran


The following letter was received by John and Shelley Allison, founders and owners of EnviroSpec:

To John & Shelley, 

I attended a Veteran’s Day Parade today and thought of you. I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for your service to our country and continued service to vets. As I understand it you are both veterans, and though I have never been in the armed forces, I appreciate what was fought for by so many. Not only for our freedom, but our way of life, and the ability to have a dream and make it happen. No where in the world is there so much opportunity to succeed if you are willing to work with honesty, integrity and determination. If it were not for  people like you that fought to protect freedom and those who sought it, our way of life would not be or would be far less than what it is.
I also would like to thank you for offering me as a power washer the opportunity to expand my business like never before. I started my power wash business when I was 19 after a failed and painful attempt at life insurance sales. I started pressure cleaning part time while while I worked a night  job. But by the end of the first year I had barely made $1000 from the power wash business. My friends said I should give up, that I would never make any money in power washing. But failing twice in a row was too much so I determined to press on. I had succeeded in a lawn business in my teenage years so I knew that it was possible, I just needed a break. At that time I felt my best talent was hard work. Pressure washing was the hardest work I knew of. I felt I could out work anybody within reason. So I determined to win by effort and determination and yes, I would do it pressure washing.
This is where you guys come in. I got my break sometime after my first year and went on to build a successful full time power washing business, Which I still own today at age 42, although I don’t actively work in the field. As my work increased I started searching for new ways to decrease the time it took to do each job. Buying things from local shops only allowed me the opportunity to see through a small window. Those were the days when the internet was in it’s infancy and to find information you had to at 33 kb per second! Then I discovered Envirospec. My eyes where opened to world I didn’t know existed. When your catalog came in the mail (black & white or maybe blue in those days) I would sit for hours it seemed in the evening scouring what was available. Why, I even ordered parts the day my first son was born. I had the Envirospec catalog with me right in the hospital. LOL, we learn as we get older… 
Bottom line, Three people stand out in my business career head and shoulders above the rest. You guys and the guy who gave me my break into pressure washing success when I needed it badly. Anyone who has been in business long enough to look back knows there are key points that if missed would have changed the future dramatically. Finding you guys was a key point in my life an I am thankful for it. I don’t know you on a personal level although I have attended at least two of your schools. But I have always respected your opinion and agree with about 95% LOL, of all the articles I have read over the years from Envirospec. 
I hope this letter puts a bright spot in your day. Because you have made my life brighter for me and my family. First by serving our country. Second, by faithfully serving the pressure wash contractors. Gratefulness is something of great value but not always easy to share. Today, from one of the brothers who has water in his veins, I want to thank you for all you do.
God Bless America! And the opportunity it has given us all!
Thank You,
Andy Whitehead
American Pride Cleaning