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If you are a professional contractor there are a few things that you can always count on and one of them is…

Things Break!


Most of the time when this happens it is an easy, low cost fix! Maybe a hose, unloader, trigger gun or chemical injector is all it takes to get you up and running. But sometimes you find yourself having to dig much deeper into your checkbook and when this happens EnviroSpec can help ease the pain through our Premier Customer Incentive Program.


What is covered?

• General, A-R, Comet & Allison Pumps
• Largo and Allison Hot or Cold Water Pressure Washers
• Vanguard and Kohler Engines
• Steel Eagle, Mosmatic and General Pump Surface Cleaners






How does it work?

With PCI the above items will be sold at actual Cost.

Examples: a pump that typically sells for $600-$700 could cost you as little as $205.  That $2,400 engine could cost as little as $1,500. Or maybe it is time to replace ‘Old Betsy’ and get yourself a brand new hot water pressure washer that would typically sell for $6,000-$7000 elsewhere for as little as $2,600.


How Much Does It Cost?   Absolutely Nothing!

You have to purchase repair parts, accessories and chemicals anyway so if you send some of that business our way and your 12-month average purchases are $400.00* per month ($4,800. per year) we will make sure that when you need those ‘big-ticket’ items – We Deliver!


Figuring Your Average Monthly Purchases

Most items in our catalog including Chemicals will be used to determine your monthly average.

*Items that will not figure in to your monthly average are pumps, engines, engine/pump packages, equipment, surface cleaners, sale items, overstocks, discontinued items and special order items that are not on our website.


Do You Qualify?

When you log-in to your account you will see your monthly averages and qualifications.


Getting Started:

Simply e-mail PCI@envirospec.com and let us prepare you a private quote for the items that you have selected to purchase at COST.

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