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Final Faze Inhibits Mold/Mildew Re-growth

On Roofs & Siding For Up To 5-Years


A Truly Unique Anti-microbial From EnviroSpec

This house is on a pond in north Georgia. Every 6-months it had to be cleaned.
To the right is the same house 15-months after it was treated.





Turn that $150.00 bleach wash job…

…into an additional $500.00 ‘cash-cow! 

There are so many contractors trying to make a living washing roofs and houses that I can’t help but believe that there is more money and less competition producing a product that will keep the roof & siding mildew/mold free for up to 5-years.

Here is a question that most fail to ask themselves before the knock on the door of a prospective customer. What do I have to offer over my competition? Well if you are in the house wash business where 95% of the industry is using bleach the answer is really easy – nothing!  Yes – you might drive up in a nicer looking truck, a bigger machine and a nice clean uniform but when you break out the bleach you will have just spoken volumes to that prospect! Trust me – they are not as uninformed as they once were.

Another question! What make one think that their bleach is better than their competitors bleach. Clorox from Home Depot is really no better than ‘El Cheapo’ from Dollar General.  If you want to make an impression that will close more jobs at 4 times the money start talking to your customers about why you use quality, job matched and industry proven house and roof wash detergents and be sure and let them know about the most exciting breakthrough in the industry…


When you do you will stand alone as your areas only Professional Residential Cleaning Expert. Trust me – that is a great feeling. I know because for many years I too was a Professional Residential Cleaning Expert.



5 Gallon Drum 
Covers 2,500 Sq.Ft. of vertical or horizontal surface
Enough for one roof or the siding on a typical house.

$139.00 [Select Me]


55 Gallon Drum 
Covers 27,500 Sq. Ft. of vertical or horizontal surface.
Enough for eleven (11) roofs or the siding on 11 typical house.

$1,287.00 [Select Me]


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