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Employee Spotlight: Denise Browning, Customer Service Manager

Denise Browning, the ‘Voice’ of EnviroSpec

If you call EnviroSpec’s offices in Homerville, Georgia, during business hours, chances are Denise Browning will pick up the phone.

“I’ll probably answer 95% of the time,” she added.

In that way, she’s the “voice” of EnviroSpec, a company approaching 50 years in business.

Browning’s a veteran of the power-washing supply industry, having been with EnviroSpec off and on since 2001. Formally, her title there is customer service manager. Informally, she’s really what every small business needs — a jack-of-all-trades for president and CEO Dan Galvin, meaning she’s the institutional knowledge of the place going back well before Galvin’s ownership of the business.

“It’s home to me. I love the customers and the industry.” — Denise Browning

Browning knows all of EnviroSpec’s processes, inside and out, and has seen them change over the years. But she said she does the job for the love of the customer outreach — for the voices on the other end of the line.

“It’s home to me,” she said of EnviroSpec. “I love the customers and the industry. Dan and [officer manager] Heather [Galvin] are the best.”

Anything a small business does — in addition to answering the phone — she handles as well, from drop shipments to point of sale to helping with the company’s website to interacting with vendors. You name it, she does it — all with a personality that exudes southern charm.

Browning is a hometown girl after all, having been born and raised in Homerville. She has two children and two grandchildren. She also fosters another 7-year-old she considers her own. She graduated from the Clinch County, Georgia, schools and has spent almost all her professional life at EnviroSpec.

As far as interests outside the office, Browning said she enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family and her many friends “and any activity that involves being outside.”

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