Helping others is what John & Shelley Allison love best.

Charity work with John and Shelley AllisonIn 2015 EnviroSpec will donate most, if not all, of it’s after tax profits to charities for Veterans and Animals.

John & Shelley Allison are both Vietnam vets who spend much of their time and resources helping other vets, the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, and Suzie’s Friends Animal Sanctuary. Each year John & Shelley, on behalf of the customers who purchase EnviroSpec services and products, donate most if not all of the ‘after tax’ profits to help a those who have been left behind, forgotten and have little hope.

COUNTLESS VETERANS have little hope because the gift they gave to our country and our way of life was quickly forgotten and they were left only with the ‘scars of war’ to shadow their souls forever. Like us – shame is what drives many to reach out and do whatever we can to help make their lives a little easier.

Our Veterans Charity outreach for 2015 will be directed toward individuals who are sponsored by our customers. If you know of a homeless Veteran please let us know so we can pass on a little something that could make their day a little brighter and life a little easier.

Charity VanThe Freedom Riders Project

The Allison’s latest charity is known as The Freedom Riders Project.  This is a program that saves the lives of Georgia and Florida death row shelter dogs by transporting them to loving home out of state. This project was started in May of 2015 with one vehicle (pictured here) and servicing 1 county in South Georgia. By August 18, 2015 their fleet had grown to three (3) vehicles and now services 8 counties. Learn more about the Freedom Riders Project by clicking here-

IF YOU ARE A VETERAN – ‘Thank you for your service. It is an honor to walk in the footsteps that you and yours have laid in history.’

IF YOU ARE A CONTRACTOR please purchase as much as you can from EnviroSpec and you will rest assured that the profits from those purchases will find their way back to those who need it most.